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Two families of silylated polymers for a broader range of applications

Evonik’s silane-modified product range is based on two different polymer technologies:  
The Polymer ST portfolio covers a very broad range of mechanical properties: Polymers allow the formulator to produce from a very soft sealant up to a very tough adhesive. Solutions for parquet adhesives are also available.

The TEGOPAC® family differs from standard silane-modified polymers: polymers are based on a unique polymer technology with lateral crosslinking groups. Sealant and adhesive formulations with TEGOPAC® polymers show excellent through cure properties, improved water & thermal resistance and good elastic recovery properties. The polymers release ethanol during the curing process.

Both Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® technologies are designed to meet various markets and formulator’s needs. With our broad technical expertise for adhesives and sealants we can help our customers to formulate unique product solutions. Our experience in adhesives and sealants goes even far beyond silane-modified binders.

Delivering a whole portfolio of binders and additives for sealants and adhesives is our strength, ranging from further polymer technologies to toughening aids, nano-technologies, defoamers/deaerators, wetting agents and dispersing aids.

Well-known brand names from our portfolio in addition to Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® include: Polymer OH, Modifier OH, ALBIPOX®, ALBIDUR®, ALBIFLEX®, NANOPOX®, NANOCRYL®, TEGO® Antifoam, TEGOPREN®, TEGO® Rheo

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Brochure "Polymer ST and TEGOPAC® - Your solution for innovative silane-modified adhesives and sealants"

The combined portfolio of Polymer ST  and TEGOPAC allows us to offer two different technologies for silane-modified polymers (SMP) which are base raw materials for adhesives and sealants.
Today SMPs cover a broad range of  applications from building and construction to transportation and industrial assembly. Due to their beneficial properties SMPs are constantly growing and are expected to enter into emerging markets.