Solutions for adhesives

Properties by design though innovative polymers


The left of the chart shows our portfolio of hybrid and silicone binder systems. 

 We offer silane-modified polymers with terminal and lateral cross-linking options. 

Our raw materials for silicones enable you to design properties of formulations (e.g. application behavior) and to improve properties of cured silicone adhesives & sealants.


The right side of the overview shows our additive portfolio for water-based & solvent-based systems.
The additives help you to optimize production processes and to improve performance of adhesives & sealants.

Hybrid adhesives & sealants

Our silane-modified polymers are high quality binders for your  hybrid adhesives & sealants. They allow to develop products addressing various applications with a wide range of echanical properties without hazard labelling. We offer silane-terminated binder systems (Methanol-release) and silane-modified polymers with lateral cross-linking groups (Ethanol-release).

Hybrid Adhesives & Sealants
Water based adhesives

Our portfolio includes wetting agents, antifoams, and emulsifiers  for production of dispersions as well as additives to improve performance of adhesive formulations. The additives help to reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior or improve dispersing of fillers. Performance of adhesives for packaging, laminating, PSA or construction applications can be improved easily.

Water based adhesives
Solutions for Adhesives Overview
Silicone adhesives & Sealants

Our portfolio includes raw materials for condensation and addition  curing silicones to address construction, electronic or medical applications. Our UV curing silicones help to produce tapes and labels with excellent release properties.

Silicone adhesives & sealants
Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

Our portfolio of additives for reactive adhesives & sealants  (epoxides, PUs, acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize  performance of formulations. Improvement of fatigue properties, toughening of epoxides, deaeration of formulations or better dispersing of filler materials is possible.

Solvent borne adhesives & sealants


Teaser Solutions for Adhesives 4:3
Brochure "Solutions for Adhesives"

With our range of products, the following advantages can be achieved:

• Reduction/elimination of foam or  bubbles • Eliminated microfoam while maintaining  good compatibility 
• Improved dynamic wetting behavior  on difficult surfaces 
• Higher toughness and improved  mechanical properties 
• Viscosity and CLTE modification using  reactive resin modifiers 
• Improved dispersing of fillers
• Longer lifetimes
... just to name a few.

 Brochure Additives for Water Based Adhesives
Brochure "Additives for water based adhesives"

Many aqueous adhesive dispersions  tend to foam due to their chemical composition. The experts differentiate  between the creation of macrofoam and microfoam, both of which can be avoided when using products within the TEGO® Antifoam range.
TEGO® Antifoam products are unique.  Carefully selected and formulated base materials provide excellent foam control and maximum compatibility at the same time. The well balanced raw material base leads to a wide range of excellent defoamers, suitable for a multitude of industry applications. Our antifoams do not adversely affect the performance of dispersions and have long-term stability, providing  enhanced efficiency even after storage of the formulated dispersions.

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