Technical support


We want to be your reliable partner for supplying polymers. One who provides face-to-face support to you during formulating and testing your product ideas. Our strong expertise on relevant test methods allows us the opportunity to give you excellent support.

Our laboratory test methods:
  • Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break of cured polymer films; DIN 53504, ISO 37, ASTM D 412 (dumbbell specimen)

  • Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of bonded assemblies; DIN EN 1465, ISO 4587, ASTM D 1002 

  • Determination of peel resistance of adhesive bonds; DIN EN 1464 (floating roller method), ISO 8510 1/2, ASTM C 794 (180┬░ adhesion in peel)

  • Determination of elastic recovery of sealants; DIN EN ISO 7389

  • Determination of tear strength (angle test pieces); DIN ISO 34-1

  • Determination of tensile properties (extension at break); DIN EN ISO 8339 (H-specimen) 

  • Flow and curing behavior of polymers and their formulations using rotation and oscillation rheology 

  • Aging resistance, weathering stability



Dr. Mathias Appelt

Dr. Anke Lewin