Highest strength for PUR replacements

Adhesives (higher modulus)

In the early days of silane-modified polymers, making a high modulus flexible adhesive for structural applications was only possible starting from a polyurethane polymer.

This is no longer the case today: by combining our advanced knowledge of SMP formulation with our toughest silane-modified polymers, we can help our customers produce tough, yet flexible products, to meet the most demanding requirements of this application

Product listing

  • Polymer ST 61

    Polymer ST 61 is a silane-terminated polymer, that is free of plasticizers. Showing both ex-cellent tensile strength and good elongation makes it suitable for demanding wood floor adhesives. With Polymer ST 61 it is possible to formulate either high strength or soft and elastic wood floor adhesives.

  • Polymer ST 80

    The specific product design of Polymer ST 80 enables formulators to produce adhesives with high strength combined with an exceptional surface hardness. Therefore, it is possible to address applications that require lower Shore D levels. Today such applications are mostly addressed through 2C-polyurethanes or epoxy putties.

  • TEGOPACĀ® Bond 170

    TEGOPACĀ® Bond 170 is a silylated polymer that is used for production of neutral curing adhesives and sealants. The polymer is based on a unique polymer technology with lateral crosslinking groups. TEGOPACĀ® Bond 170 shows excellent through cure properties, improved water & thermal resistance and excellent elastic recovery properties. The low polymer viscosity allows quick & easy handling.