Highest strength for PUR replacements

Adhesives (higher modulus)

In the early days of silane-modified polymers, making a high modulus flexible adhesive for structural applications was only possible starting from a polyurethane polymer.

This is no longer the case today: by combining our advanced knowledge of SMP formulation with our toughest silane-modified polymers, we can help our customers produce tough, yet flexible products, to meet the most demanding requirements of this application

Product listing

  • Polymer ST 48

    Polymer ST 48 is especially recommended for the application as sealant for interior or exterior joints, e.g. expansion or connection joints, inte-rior joints for dry walling, joints at staircases.

  • TEGOPAC® Seal 100

    TEGOPAC® Seal 100 is a moisture curing silane-modified polymer recommended for low modulus sealant formulations which are used in construction applications (e.g. for façades, expansion joints, etc. ) or for indoor applications. TEGOPAC® Seal 100 is also recommended for use in sealant and adhesive formulations where vibration and sound dampening is an issue.